Sue Williams BSc, President Guild of Dog Trainers, Master Trainer, MCFBA.

Sue has vast experience gained from working with both dogs and other animals over the last 20 years. Her expertise and success is reflected in her position as the President of the Guild of Dog Trainers, her role as a tutor for Middlesex University accredited courses through the CIDBT and her status as a full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association.


Sue’s passion is understanding and developing communication with the animals she trains. She is fascinated with how animals think and behave. She draws upon a wealth of experience and knowledge achieved through years of ‘hands on’ experience.


As a specialist in ‘operant conditioning’ and its uses in training and behaviour modification, her success has resulted in the production of the DVD ‘Science Led Dog Training’ where her techniques are showcased. She runs regular courses and workshops in the art of operant conditioning and its practical uses in communicating with dogs teaching clients how to employ these techniques.


Sue’s successful career has resulted in her high profile as a canine expert in the media; she has numerous TV credits and is a regular feature writer and expert in canine publications. Sue enjoys success in training both dogs and other animals for the media both film and photographic


As well as being an accomplished instructor, Sue is a highly skilled trainer and has over the years trained numerous dogs and other animals to an extremely high level. Dogs of her own include German Shepherd Dogs, Malinois, a Spanish water dog , a Dutch Herder along with various rescue x breeds and mongrels. Sue co-directs and participates in the highly acclaimed Cheshire Dog Display team and Shadowquest Dog Display team with dogs of her own.